Assisted Living Memory (Dementia) Care

Assisted Living Alzheimer’s Care
Dementia can be a heartbreaking condition, both for those suffering from it and for their loved ones.

To help keep individuals with dementia safe, healthy, and comfortable, personalized care is often necessary. At Placita In Home Care, we offer assisted living memory care to help individuals suffering from dementia. Continue reading to learn more about dementia and how we can help.

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What Are the Signs of Dementia?

Once dementia signs start to appear, they tend to grow worse. Signs of dementia in older adults include memory loss, difficulty communicating, difficulty planning, and confusion or disorientation.

People with dementia may also experience significant personality changes that can be jarring for their loved ones. For instance, very calm and collected people might lash out or become belligerent when suffering from dementia. Our assisted living memory care providers can help the patient and their loved ones navigate these changes in a respectful, diplomatic way.

How Can Placita In Home Care Help?

At Placita In Home Care, our professional caregiving team has been working with dementia patients for years. Our assisted living care providers understand this condition and the behaviors it causes, and are able to respond appropriately.

Our assisted living memory care staff know how forgetfulness can impact an elderly person’s daily life. They’re able to learn these patterns of forgetfulness and address them so there aren’t more severe consequences. For instance, if a patient is always leaving bread in the toaster for too long, a caregiver can monitor and correct the behavior, helping to prevent a house fire.

Our care specialists will also provide patients with the socialization they need to feel connected. We have a network of community-based senior activities and other fun events that we like to bring patients to. Each of our staff members has a valid driver’s license and can safely transport patients to and from their homes.

Why Choose Assisted Living Memory Care?

There are different stages of dementia, and each patient will have individual needs and challenges. Each assisted living memory care plan at Placita In Home Care is customized to meet the individual patient’s needs. Our caregivers get to know patients on a very personal level and can predict their needs before they even happen.

Are you or a loved one experiencing signs of dementia? Placita In Home Care can make life easier, safer, and more enjoyable with our assisted living memory care services. Please call our office at (520) 221-2083 to find out more.