Assisted Living Hospice Care

Assisted Living Hospice Care
At Placita In Home Care, we believe our hospice care to be some of the most important work we do.

People reaching the end of their life deserve love, empathy, and top-notch care. Keep reading to find out how we help patients and loved ones with our assisted living hospice care.

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Proudly offering in-home care services in Tucson & Phoenix metro areas.

We Provide Palliative Care

People who are in hospice are no longer undergoing treatment for their conditions. During this time, they need a safe, comfortable place to live out the remainder of their days. At Placita In Home Care, we provide this through palliative care.

Our approach to assisted living hospice care is to relieve pain and make sure patients are as comfortable as possible. We help patients maintain their personal hygiene through toileting assistance, grooming assistance, oral hygiene assistance, and dressing assistance.

We Employ Empathetic Caregivers

Our caregivers have worked with hospice patients for many years. They’re emotionally equipped to handle the stress of this difficult time. Our team members are great listeners and sociable companions for people who need an open ear.

It can be difficult at times for loved ones to be there for hospice patients around the clock due to work and home responsibilities. Our caregivers are available for hire 24/7 to sit with your loved one and attend to their needs.

We Provide a Community Network

Assisted living hospice care often requires more than just one caretaker. Our team at Placita In Home Care is well-connected with the community. We meet with every patient to find out who else they might want on their hospice care team. We then connect patients with other professionals to help them during their last days or weeks of life. Examples of who we can connect people with include pastors, psychologists, social workers, and physical therapists.

We Offer an Affordable Option

At Placita In Home Care, we strive to keep our assisted living hospice care as affordable as possible. We have the flexibility to cater to your financial needs.

Here at Placita In Home Care, we want to create the best life possible for people in their final days. Our professional team is highly trained to deal compassionately with hospice patients. We are happy to help you or a loved one navigate this period of life. Please call our office at (520) 221-2083 to find out more about our assisted living joint replacement care services.