Assisted Living Joint Replacement Care

Assisted Living Joint Replacement Care
Surgeries are hard on people of any age. Seniors, in particular, tend to have a harder time getting around and healing after a surgery.

Joint replacement surgeries are very common in older adults, and are some of the most intensive surgeries to recover from. Placita In Home Care is ready to help you or your loved one with our assisted living joint replacement care services.

Joint Replacement
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Driving to Medical Appointments

It’s rare that a surgery only requires one trip to the doctor. Oftentimes, people need to return for multiple follow-ups to make sure the surgical site is healing properly. Our caregivers can give you or your loved one a safe, reliable ride to appointments. All of our caregivers have valid driver’s licenses and insurance. We also perform DMV driving checks on each potential employee to make sure they’re safe on the road.

Keeping You Moving

After a joint replacement surgery, getting plenty of rest is crucial. However, movement is also encouraged after a period of time to ensure blood flow to the joint. Our assisted living joint replacement care providers know how much movement is needed after these surgeries. They can help build daily movement into a patient’s routine after surgery. They can also make sure that once patients are up and walking around, they don’t run into anything or trip over any objects. This is vitally important, as suffering a fall after joint replacement surgery can set recovery back by weeks.

Helping with Home Maintenance

The last thing patients want to do after a difficult joint surgery is housework. Our dedicated team of caregivers can provide light housework services to keep homes in good shape while the patient recovers. Our assisted living care team can also prepare meals for the patient in accordance with any dietary restrictions.

As part of our assisted living joint replacement care, we can also provide home safety assessments where we walk through the home and identify anything that might be detrimental to a joint replacement patient. We can then take steps to fix the problem.

Here at Placita In Home Care, we want to facilitate a happy life for adults recovering from joint surgery. Our professional team is experienced in caring for older adults in their time of need. Please call our office at (520) 221-2083 to find out more about our assisted living joint replacement care services.